Should we do an engagement session?

Since engagement is a brief, but beautiful, relaxed, exciting period in a couple’s life, it is nice to capture it in photos. You are free, you can go wherever you wish – choose a venue that is special for you, or completely new to you, maybe a bit crazy, and we’ll meet you there at the crack of dawn or at sunset – as the light is then at its most beautiful, promising top quality photographs, without any pressure or hassle. Such freedom will not be there on your wedding day, when you are the centre of attention, when all the eyes are on you, and when you can afford only 30 to 60 minutes for a photo session and when you need to have it at a location nearby the main venue. If you decide to have an engagement session, wear the clothes you usually wear, let your hair be as it usually is, avoid excessive makeup, be your usual selves, as that is the point of engagement photography.

Photo session – what is the best time, will you choose a pose for us?

A few tips how to make our photo shooting as productive and successful as possible: the ultimate goal is to capture the emotions and chemistry between the two of you. That is your part of the job Sometimes it happens that we are looking for the best angle, frame, light, etc…, convinced that you are having a wonderful time together, but one of the pair is impatiently looking at the watch, simply unable to relax with all the excitement, and can hardly wait for the session to be over. Well, in that case, we lose the magic between the two of you in the pictures.

In short: try to use the time of the photo session for your mutual interaction, for the topics that make you laugh, that you enjoy, that bring you close together, embrace each other, kiss as you always do, so that it is easy for you to identify with the images and so that we produce as many candid ones as possible and as few staged ones as possible.

Ambient light  is one of the most important elements in your wedding day photographs. We encourage our clients to try and maximize time for photo shooting in the golden hour, the time before sunset when the light looks most amazing. We can calculate the golden hour on your wedding day. 

Can we meet before the wedding?

Certainly, if it is possible; if not, we can use skype, email or phone. 

Do you do destination weddings or just weddings in Croatia?

With great pleasure! Destination weddings are special and very dear to us. The bride and the groom, their families and friends embark on an adventure together, enjoying the journey, the relaxation and beautiful venues. We know from our first-hand experience that everybody is happy, easy-going and ready to have fun at any time – which is a perfect recipe for wonderful photos

We have so many questions

At this stage of the wedding planning and organisation you are probably looking for answers to many questions. We wish to hear them all, as well as all your creative plans! Our answers, tips, suggestions will be given from the point of view of producing the best possible photos. The light, the event timing, your outfit, a relaxed atmosphere, the venue, the details – all of them impact the final impression of the images and videos. We are glad to discuss the type of photography you find attractive, that inspires you, so that we can explain what contributed to their creation and plan to achieve a similar impression. For example, a couple may like photos with nice, soft declining light, but they are planning a noon photo session, when it is not possible to achieve it.

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